Additional Services

We are well aware of the actual needs of our valued customers, which we do not simply provide delivery services of goods, but also provide efficient yet reliable logistics solutions, with variety of value-added services to assist our valued customers to develop their businesses.


Therefore, value-added services are one of our key development strategy and direction.

We provide the following value-added services:

  • Handling of Goods Packaging
  • Labeling, Re-labeling or Replacement of Labels
  • Additional Advertisement or Warranty Card
  • Re-packaging (Inclusive of Grouping & Re-arrangement of Goods)
  • Delivery of Goods and Collection of Payment for Clients
  • Import & Export Customs Clearance
  • Handling of Shipping Documents
  • Shift of Documents Stored at Containers
  • Prepare of Statistic Reports
  • Arrangement of Cargo Insurance
  • Customer Service Support

Real-time Online System is in used, so as to allow our valued clients to keep track of different proudct information, including Inventory Level, Re-ordering Record, Inventory Aging Record, Proudcts Expiration Record, etc.