We provide comprehensive range of logistic services, including local and cross-border (PRC) transportation, warehousing, cold and frozen storage, port express, domestic declaration, aerial transport service and marine transportation, etc. In addition, we also provide local logistic services for retail chain stores, medical equipments, as well as health and beauty products. Other than that, we will provide wholesale agent and promotion services, in which to assist our valuable clients to recruit new business partners and to explore more business opportunities. With our extensive global network, you could rely on us for all your logistics needs.


One-stop Storage &
Refrigerated Delivery Services

Provides One-Stop cold storage and transportation service. Our store obtain the license that issued by Food and Environmental Hygiene We also own a enormous logistics team. Besides, we have different sizes of independent cold stores, our clients can adjust the temperature in order to satisfy their needs from any industries. Our goal is to cooperate any industries that need flexibility of cold storage and aim to become your reliable partner.

Low Temperature Storage

Always maintained between -18C and -25C by using heat-proof materials and facilities. E.g. Ice creams, frozen meats or seafoods can be keeped as their optimal situation.

High Temperature Storage
High temperature storage always maintains between 1C and 4C by using 7×24 temperature control system and backup cooling equipment, in order to make sure of meeting customers’ requirements and specific needs of the products.

Small size & Isolated Cold Storage
Isolated storage space is designated by custom temperature and humidity, where a perfect environment for medical / beauty / health / chemical products etc.